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Social Media Marketing

At Phaneso Technologies, we will help you to strengthen your social media presence by our SMM Services.


Today it’s an absolute necessity for every small, medium or large business enterprise to have a strong and active social presence.


The below figures clearly proves that why every business organization, across all the categories are making their presence felt on varied social mediums:

  • 89% of the internet users use social media.
  • 69% of the social media users visit a social media platform every day.

It’s a high time for your business to be aggressively active on social media or else you are losing your share of customers.

We work towards engaging you to your audience, enabling direct interactions with them on different social outlets and thus strengthening your social presence.

How we execute our Social Media Marketing services?


Just being present on various social platforms is not enough, SMM tactics not only involves setting up an account or communicating with random people, it’s important for you to have an engagement with your targeted audience and communicate with them.

For this you need a detailed strategy. At Phaneso Technologies, we create and execute following well-planned SMM strategy which revolves around your business objectives to fetch your business desired outcome on social media:

  • Defining your business objectives - Setting up the goal, be it - the promotion of your product or educating the audience about your business or for the branding purpose, it is the first and foremost step. Defining what is to be achieved from the SMM campaign, gives the clear picture about how and what to plan for your Social Media Marketing strategy.
  • Competitor analysis - Knowing your competitors social media presence, helps to have a clear idea as in what way you can improvise your tactics to have a stronger hold on social media for your business.
  • Social media audit - An in-depth analysis of your presence on various social platforms is conducted to know where your business stands. And based on your business objectives what tactics should be implemented to improve your social media presence and reach out to your targeted audience.
  • Identifying the target audience - Once you know whom to reach, it becomes easier to connect and communicate with the desired audience, with the accurate message.
  • Time,Planning and activity schedule - For a strategy to be successful and achieve desired objectives, it is important to plan, what to implement as well as how and when to implement the strategies. We will help you to understand your target market and based on that we strategize your activities during the precise time to reach out to your target market.
  • Appropriate distribution channels - Segregating which platforms to utilize and which platforms are not relevant based on the nature of the business is important as it not only saves efforts and time, and it allows a thorough concentration onthe platforms which enables to reach out to precise audience.
  • Developing of content - Interesting content is a pre-dominant factor to grab the attention. Based on the business objectives we will develop and promote contents like articles, videos, images or posts, which will help to grab the audience’s attention.
  • Creative campaign strategies - Various incentives like discount coupons, free gifts, e-books etc, help to attract more people by the means of viral marketing. We will help you to have a two-way communication & conversation with your audience by the means of- polls,sweepstakes,questions and quizzes.
  • Monitoring the Strategies - We will measure the effectiveness of the strategies to know, what worked and what didn’t work which will help in improving, creating and executing new strategies, for getting a desired results.

Social Media Marketing is not a 1-2-3 process it’s an ongoing process, which is different for different businesses. We assure you to provide, successful and effective results irrespective of the competition.

By the means of our well-planned strategies, we guarantee to work with full strength and fetch maximum output in terms of active social media presence and connect your business with your target audience.
Every business enterprises are making the most out of their social media presence and are utilizing the power of various social arenas to reach out to maximum audience, now it’s your turn to take the action.Just check out our packages and see how our Social Media Marketing services can help you attain powerful position on social media and connect with your desired audience.

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